Learn How To Play Guitar With Guitar School

Welcome to Source Shred where we will help you learn how to play guitar with our online guitar lessons. We have many teachers who have been featured on Ultimate Tabs and many Guitar Wikipedia page that will be showing you exactly what you need to be doing to maximize how well you learn guitar.

How To Sign Up For Our Lessons

We are currently preparing this site, however if you are looking into mastering the guitar we are setting up a section of guitar backing tracks that will help you out a ton when it comes to learning the best techniques for learning guitar. There are many way to practice and certain techniques that help you master your playing style.   There are also many different types of guitars styles you can learn from, which we will cover in great details on this site. We will be teaching
  • Country music
  • Guitar shredding
  • How to play guitar chords
  • Beginner lessons

When Will We Be Opening

We will be opening our guitar based services near the end of the year. There will be very few guitar websites out there that will provide this level of expertise when it comes to guitar lessons because we are hiring the best guitar teachers in the industry to help you learn how to play your favorite songs on this wonder instrument. If you are interested, we are going to be opening a waiting list below and will be taking up to 300 guitarist for our specialty training program. If you would like to get on this waiting list I encourage you to sign up below. Please note this will be first come, first  serve guitar training that will allow you to explode your shredding skills.

Stay Tuned

We will be releasing a ton more info here in the next couple of days. Until then here is an epic guitar solo